About Kenisha B. McIntosh

A Little Bit of My Story...

Oh hey friend! I know I mentioned a little about myself on the homepage, but I wanted to give you more backstory. I hail from THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH, New York City (Queens to be exact). I'm a lover of food, fun, dancing, and of course travel. Since graduating with a hospitality management degree from Howard University, I've​ taken on many roles and lived just as many places. At 16, I came up with the goal to travel around the world, eventually buy an island & turn it into a resort oasis. Everything that I do revolves around my dream. And in preparing for that dream, I've become a corporate culture ambassador, travel aficionado & coaching guru. But, let me give you a little more background on how I got started.


People, places & things have always been my passion. Whether I was chillin', living in Spanish Harlem or making moves in my current city of Atlanta, travel has always been my thing. After planning retreats for coaches and assisting with tons of travel arrangements for clients, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to teach other people how to travel as much as I do. Not only do I want people to learn from me, I want to experience the world with them. So then BOOM, here we are.


When I'm not traveling, I'm LAUGHING OUT LOUD, doing yoga, trying new foods, having dance parties in my house (checkout my IG), hanging with fam & friends, assisting businesses with enhancing their corporate culture, creating motivational videos for my YouTube channel, or just taking a moment to enjoy life. I like to think of myself as a spreader of light & love, so no matter why you've come to visit my page, I hope you leave with a little of each. Namaste!


-Kenisha B.

A Few of My Favorite Trips


Chillin' in the desert sun.


Nighttime at The Eiffel Tower.


Hangin' near the Amstel River.



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